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How do I use my own domain name / web site address / URL with Weever Apps?

posted this on August 25, 2011, 17:37

If you are a pro, premium or reseller -level customer, you point your own custom domain name (web address) to your app.

Setting up your custom domain takes about 5 minutes.  Once you're done, there's a standard 24-hour wait for "propagation" (the time it takes for the rest of the internet to know where your new web address points to.)


Creating your custom web address for your app:

  1. Login to your domain registrar.*
  2. Add a new "CNAME" with a value of ""
    We suggest using a cname like "app" for your new cname - so that your app URL is ""
  3. Return to your weever apps web site plugin or appBuilder Cloud builder.  You'll find the field to enter your app address under either "mobile publishing" or "style/advanced/custom-branding" depending on your version.  Enter your domain mapping address and save.  That's it!


*Helpful Hints:

  • Your domain registrar may be different then your web site host in some cases.  Not sure how your registrar is?  Look it up here.
  • Make sure you setup a CNAME and not an "A-Record"
  • Each domain registrar will have a different interface for adding your a-record.  Make sure you add a new one with your desired app-address ("app", "m", it's up to you) instead of editing one that already exists (like 'www').  That existing one could be important.
  • If you are editing a domain through WHM, you need to add period "." to the end of the cname url, e.g, ""


Example of normal domain mapping:

Please note that different domain registrars may have different interfaces, this example is the most common but your own may be a little different.



If you run into trouble, please create a support ticket.  Thanks!