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What happens to form submissions when I modify a form?


What happens to my Form Reports when I:

  1. Change a field name
  2. Add a field
  3. Remove a field


Change a field name

  • When you change a field name using Form Builder, the field's name will change in both the Form and the Form Report.
  • The field name is shown at the top of the column in the Form Report.

Add a field

  • When you add a field using Form Builder, the field will be added to your Form and the Form Report. 
  • All submissions in the field will be blank until the form is submitted. 

Remove a field

  • When you remove a field using Form Builder, the column associated to that field will be removed from your Form Report.
  • The data collected by that field for previous submissions will not be removed from the record. You can view this by opening the form submission record in Form Reports by clicking "View Details". 






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