How do I add a video to my form?

This article summarizes how you can use the form builder's Info Box field to embed a video into your form.

The Info Box is a Form Builder Element that allows app administrators to add information and instructions to forms, including:

  • Links to app content or outside sources
  • HTML and embed codes
  • Free text
  • Images
  • Videos (via embed codes)
Add video to Info Box image

Follow these steps to add a video:

1. Launch the Form Builder from the menu within your application. If you do not see the "Form Builder" link you do not have access. You will need to contact your application administrator to request access.

2. Create a new form or edit an existing form

3. Select "Info Box" in the "Add new form fields" section. You will see a blank info box with the text "Enter some informational text here!" is added to your preview.

Infobox blank

4. Select the "HTML" button to change the editor to HTML mode.


5. Find and copy the Embed code for the video you wish to add. For more information on finding embed codes for the major video sharing websites, here are the resources:

Youtube Embed Code

6. Paste your embed code into the Info Box and you will see the video available in the info box in the Preview window.

  • Save the form or continue editing.
  • The video will now be available to play within the form.
Add video to Info Box image