Conditional email: How do I send an email when a user makes a specific selection within a form?

Send notifications when certain conditions are satisfied.

Select app users to receive an email notification based on the user’s selection. The alert recipient will also receive a copy of the form submission attached to the email as a PDF. This feature is great for sending a report to an app user in real-time when the form user makes a specific selection.


Some examples include:

  1. Result of Audit – Send a report to a manager only if audit “fails”.
  2. Temperature  – Send a report to specific individuals based on temperature reading.
  3. Priority Level – Send a report to a safety manager if the priority level is “high”.
  4. Expense Approval – Send an expense to a CFO for approval if the expense is above $1000 and to a different manager if it’s between $500 – $999.

Please note that you can still have every submission emailed to one or multiple email addresses by using the “Email recipients” field in the Form Settings.


Here’s how to use this feature:


STEP 1.  Add emails as “users” to the app.

  • For security reasons, you can only send notifications to users in your app, so be sure to set the email recipient(s) up in the app before you start.
  • Pro-Tip: Ask your email administrator to set up a group email that will auto-forward to multiple people. This is useful if you want “everyone in the safety department”, for example, to receive a notification.

STEP 2. Select the Conditional Email form builder element

  • Navigate to the Form Builder
  • find a form (or create a new one)
  • Select the Conditional Email Form Builder element.

Note: this will add a dropdown field to your form with the name “Conditional Email”




STEP 3.  Change the field “Label” to your conditional question and add your “conditions”.

  • Add as many selection options as you wish.
  • Make the field “required” if you want to ensure that is cannot be missed.
  • Note: you can add multiple conditional email fields to any form.


STEP 4.  Save changes.

  • Your form is now saved. When a user makes a selection, the specified user will be sent a notification with a report attached.