How do I collect data using Process Manager?

This is an overview of how to use Process Manager to collect data for compliant processes.

Collecting data using Process Manager is a highly efficient and enjoyable experience for staff.

The product’s mission is to provide value to workers by efficiently collecting necessary data and also by providing instructions, ensuring required steps are followed, and helping them collaborate on solutions.

Before data collection can occur, app administrators need to digitize forms and set up the process templates that are launched by staff. Learn more about how to do that here.

There are a number of standard fields that available to add to forms. This article does not cover them all. We are also constantly adding new form fields, so feel free to start a free trial to try Process Manager for yourself.


Launching Processes

To begin, staff launch process templates by selecting the process category and selecting the template. To launch the process, staff must complete the Process Summary, which is information that is associated to all forms completed during the execution of the process.

launch process template - Process Manager

Loading Forms

Staff are alerted if their role is associated with the next “Not Started” task in the process. To load the form, staff simply tap the Task name. This reveals the form and clearly denotes the fields that are required to complete the task.

Click on the task
Required fields

Info Box

The Info Box allows users to add instructions to forms. You can also embed images using the image icon and privately hosted videos by pasting the URL into the infobox. 


Automated Calculations

Display the result of a simple math operation using existing number fields in your form. You can also add “constant numbers” to your equation for uses like tax calculations and temperature conversions.

Automated Calculations - Process Manager

Number Checks

Collect a single measurement. Define an acceptable range and trigger an alert in the event of an exception (optional).

Number Checks - Process Manager

Double Blind

Requires one or more users to enter values in order to verify data entry as accurate. Entered information is masked. If the submitted values do not match a process issue will be created.

Entered information is masked after submission (saving). Supervisor and administrator-level users may unmask and review existing data.

Double Blind - Process Manager

Repeated Tasks

You can set up your tasks to be repeated based on a defined time interval. For example, staff must complete a label and violator check every 60 minutes during a production process.

Are alerted when the check is required. They can enter the required information or skip the check, which requires a reason.

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