How do I manage my users?

Add users or edit user accounts in User Management.

In order to have access to your app, users need an account and login. All your user management needs can be found in the User Management page of the app. On this page you can: 

Add new user accounts 

  • Add new users by tapping Screen Shot 2020-01-14 at 3.36.23 PM and filling out the form. For security purposes, we recommend having your users register their own account

Edit a user account

  • Edit your user's accounts by tapping Edit beside their name which will open the Edit User form. In this form you can change any property for the user account. 
  • Users with a "Disabled" Login Status will not be able to login to the app.
  • Change the User Type to edit a users permissions. See this page to see the access levels. 

Remove a user account

  • Users who no longer need access to the app can be removed from the app by tapping Remove. 

Deleting a user account cannot be undone. 


The User Management table is used throughout the app as a data source. It is used by any Assignee fields (ie. in In Progress), as well as the User Lookup field in Form Builder.