How can I assign a ticket?

Make it clear to your users who is accountable for a ticket with the assignee field

Collecting an assignee for your form is easy in Weever. You can either collect the assignee in a docked field at the side of your form when you submit it, or with an assignee field in your form. Here is an overview of both options. 


Regardless of which assignee option you choose, the assignee with receive an email notification when a ticket is assigned to them, as well as when any ticket property (status, assignee, due date, or comment) is updated from the In Progress page. 

Using the assignee form field in your form 


Using the assignee field in your form has a few benefits, like making the assignee required, as well as using it with conditional logic. You can also control the user type(s) that show in this field. 

Follow these steps to set up for form with an Assignee field, as well as updating the assignee in In Progress: 


Open the form you would like to add this field to in Form Builder. Tap the  field to add it to your form. 

Step 2

Configure the field in Field Settings. From here, you can update the label, set the field as required, and set up any required conditional logic.

You can also set the user types that can be assigned tickets for this form in the "Which user types can the ticket be assigned to?" field. This will restrict the users that show in the assignee dropdown by their user types which are set in User Management. For example, if I set the "Which user types can the ticket be assigned to?" field to be "Administrators only", only the users who have administrator access to Weever will show in the assignee field so tickets can only be assigned to administrator users. 


Make sure your form is a Save-as-open-ticket form so there is a ticket for the assignee to work on. 

If you want to use this field in a form you are already using regularly, the assignee data will be combined to a single column in Form Reports. This means you don't have to worry about losing your assignee data if you start using the Assignee field. 


You can only use one Assignee field in your form at a time. 

Step 3 

When your users submit the form, they will not see the Assignee field in the docked side panel anymore, but instead will set the assignee from the form field in the form. When your users edit the tickets in In Progress, they can update the Assignee in the same form field. This field will no longer show in the ticket controls in the side panel. 


Using the docked assignee field in the side panel of your form.

If your form doesn't have an assignee field, then your users can still assign the tickets. They can assign tickets when they are submitting the form in the side panel (see above). They will also be able to edit the assignee from the In Progress page by updating the assignee field in the side panel of the view pop-up.