How can I add buttons for hyperlinks in my forms?

Add buttons to link URLs, SOPs or internal documents from your forms in Weever

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Change Button Colour 

Link relevant resources (documents, videos, websites etc.) to your forms using buttons. Buttons draw attention to the links; they help your associates navigate through the form by making it clear that there's a resource they need to review. And they add a bit of colour to your form!


Screenshot 2022-04-01 at 09.58.53


Go to Form Builder and click on the form in which you want to add a button. Add the Info Box field and click on the View HTML icon.


Screenshot 2022-03-17 at 15.44.15


Delete the placeholder text and copy/paste the code below:

<a href="ADD LINK HERE" class="button success wx-margin-bottom-0" target="_blank">ADD TITLE HERE</a>


Replace the ADD LINK HERE text and with a URL (link) to the website or document you want to direct your button to.

Replace the ADD TITLE HERE text with a suitable NAME for your button.

For example, we're creating a "Knowledge Base" button linking to Weever's support page. See below: 

Screenshot 2023-06-23 at 2.59.47 PM


And that's it! 

You can add as many buttons as you'd like, and you can link them to any URL you want.


Screenshot 2022-04-01 at 09.54.06


Not quite clear? Here's a step by step guide: 


PRO TIP - How to change the colour of your button


You can change the colour of your button by updating the word "success" in the code.

<a href="ADD LINK HERE" class="button success wx-margin-bottom-0" target="_blank">ADD TITLE HERE</a>


  • Take a look at the picture on the left. The word "success" creates a green button, "info" creates a blue button, "primary" creates a navy button', "secondary" creates a grey button, "expand" makes the button fit the width of the screen and so on.
  • Let's say we wanted to make our "Knowledge Base" button orange. We would replace the word "success" with the word "warning": 

<a href="ADD LINK HERE" class="button warning wx-margin-bottom-0" target="_blank">ADD TITLE HERE</a>


And that's it! The button would now look like this:





These colour codes (warning, primary, dark etc.) must be all in lower case in order for this to work.