What happens if I delete a field from my form?

Remove fields you don't need from your form and your data

Deleting a Field

If you no longer need a field in your form, you can easily remove it from Form Builder by tapping delete this field in Field Settings

If you delete a field from your form, the column will be removed from Form Reports as well. As a best practice, you should export your data before you delete any fields in your form. 

Deleting a field will remove the column from Form Reports as well.

Before you delete a field, export the data from Form Reports so you have a record of that field's data.  

Change your mind? 

If you change your mind and would like the data from the deleted field back in Form Reports, just add the field back to your form with the same label. Once you submit the form again, the column will be back in Form Reports with all the historical data included.