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Why aren't my Inspection forms appearing in the Forms folder?

To set up a form for scheduling, you need to put it in the "Scheduled Inspections" folder. When you're creating an inspection and it's time to pick a form, you'll see a list of all the forms in the "Scheduled Inspections" folder in a dropdown list. These forms aren't shown in the regular "Forms" view intentionally:
  • This prevents users from mistakenly completing inspections in the wrong place and causing data problems. For example, if you've got a daily CIL and someone completes it in the "Forms" section, it will still appear as 'Due' or 'Overdue' in the "Scheduled Inspections" view (because it wasn't marked as complete in that specific view).
  • In the "Scheduled Inspections" view, when one or more 'Pass/Fail' fields fail, it automatically generates a ticket in the "In Progress" section. This doesn't occur when a 'Pass/Fail' field fails in a regular form.
  • The metrics like "Completed on time %" and "Pass %" won't be available (include a screenshot on the Scheduled Inspections view)

Why does the 'This email address exists' pop-up appear when creating a new user in User Management?

If a user is already registered in the Weever user database, such as on another site, you'll see the 'This email address exists' message when attempting to add them in User Management.
Simply confirm by tapping 'YES,' allowing Weever to automatically populate the user's data into your User Management. Complete the process by selecting 'Save changes' to successfully add the user to your site.

Can multiple users work on a process or task at the same time?

Absolutely! Your users can work together on the same process or task simultaneously.
Each user's work on tasks/form fields is saved individually. For example, if one user is working on form fields 1-5, another is working on fields 6-10 and they both tap 'Submit', their work will be saved. However, in instances where multiple users are concurrently editing the same form field, the system retains the last submission.

What prompts a Process Alert?

The tasks that show in Process Alerts would show if:

  • The task was manually marked as a 'Critical Issue'
  • A recurring check is overdue (outside the grace period)
  • A recurring check is skipped
  • A number outside the acceptable range was added to a Number Check field