How do I find the form I need?

Finding forms is easy with Weever. You can search by form name or scroll through organized folders

To see the forms available to submit, tap Forms in your menu. From there you can search by folder or search the form name to find your form. Here is a guide on the different ways you can find your forms:

Finding forms in folders

To find a form in your folders, tap FOLDERS then tap the folder you need. Then you can scroll through the forms to find the one you require or use the search filter to filter the list. 

To go back to the list of folders you can tap Folders again, or the FORMS title of the page. 

Forms list - Folders-gif


Administrators can add new folders or edit folder names in Form Category Mgmt.,  Folder Mgmt., or Form Folders. 

Searching all forms 

To search through the entire list of forms regardless of what folder the form is in, tap ALL FORMS and start typing the name of your form. The list of forms will filter and you can tap the form you're looking for. 

Searching all forms