How can I use Weever to link to other websites my staff may need?

Customize the cards on your home page to easily link your users to other software, web pages, and internal websites they may need.

The home page of your Weever Forms is a handy way to give your staff a hub for all the web pages they need to do their jobs effectively. These cards can be used to link to training, SOPs, Power BI reports, other web-based software, as well as forms in Weever. 

Home Page Card example

Updating your home page cards 

Weever offers free changes to home page cards to our Weever Enterprise clients so you can make sure your staff has the links they need.

If you want to add, or update a card to your Weever home page, just send your request to your customer success representative. Be sure to include the:

        1. Card title
        2. Card description (optional)
        3. Card photo
        4. Button text
        5. The URL you want the card to link to 

Here's an example:

Screenshot 2022-06-27 at 11.40.57