What are the access levels in Weever Inspections?

Overview of what each access level can do in Weever Inspections.

Use this guide to see what permissions each user type has in our Weever Inspections product.

  Staff Super. Admin
Home Page      
Access Home Page
Scheduled Maintenance      
See scheduled and completed inspections
Complete inspections
Assign inspections
In Progress      
See all failed inspections
Assign tickets
Add comments
Edit submissions
Change ticket status
Parts Checkout      
See the parts you checked out
See the parts other users checked out
Add & edit parts for parts checkout
Standard Forms      
Access forms list and submit forms
Form Reports      
View submission reports
Form Builder      
Build and edit forms
Inspection Builder      
Build & edit inspection templates
Inspection Types      
Add & edit inspection types
Line & Work Areas      
Add & edit departments and lines
Machine Management      
Add & edit machine types and machines
Form Category Management      
Add & edit form categories
Shift Management      
Add & edit shifts
User Management      
Create & edit users
Registration Administrator