Why aren't my night shift inspections scheduled on the last day of our work week?

Are your night shifts disappearing in your schedule on the last day of your work week?

If an "Inspection Shift" begins on one day and ends on the next, the “Working Days” of the shift should be the days on which the shift ends.  For example, if your “Daily Schedule” runs from Monday to Friday, but the night shift is 8pm - 4am, then you will need to make that shift's schedule run from Tuesday to Saturday. 

By setting up this shift correctly using the "Inspection Shifts" section, and rescheduling the inspection, your inspections will be scheduled correctly. 

To correct this issue:

Step 1: Remove the Inspection Schedule that is causing the error. 

Use the “Inspection Builder” to REMOVE the inspection that is not displaying because of the error. 

Step 2: Create a new "Inspection Shift" for your Night Shift. 

In the “Inspection Shifts” section, create a new “Night Shift” that corresponds to the days on which the inspection shift will end. For example, if they shift runs from Monday - Friday, the new shift will run from Tuesday - Saturday.

To do this:

  1. Go to the "Inspection Shift" section
  2. Tap “New Shift” to add a new shift.
  3. Give your shift a name 
  4. Add the Start Time 
  5. Add the End time
  6. Add the “Working Days” as the days on which the shift ENDS
  7. You may want to add an Administrator-only note here to tell other admins why the shift is on different days. 

Step 3: Schedule a new inspection using the new shift.