How can I monitor the updates and outcomes of my submission?

Stay up to date with your Weever submissions with handy email notifications

Enable ticket notifications so your submitting users can be notified when their submission is updated. 

Email notifications will be sent to original submitter when a form is updated from the In Progress page. This includes updates to the submission data, as well as updates to the ticket properties including Status, Assignee, Due Date, & Comments. 

Submitter ticket update email-1

How to enable this feature on your form

Screenshot 2023-10-27 at 3.42.09 PM

Enable submitter notifications in the Form Settings section of Form Builder by selecting the "Notify the ticket creator when the ticket is updated" option. 




How to enable or disable these emails

Enable or disable these notification emails in your profile by tapping the "Notify me whenever someone updates a ticket that I created" option. 

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Note!  - This functionality only notifies the logged in user, not users in "Reported By" fields.