How can I get a custom dashboard with my Weever data?

Weever offers Professional Services to our clients to create meaningful and timely dashboard with Weever data

Get real-time reports with Weever's professional services. 


Professional Services are available to Weever customers who have purchased Weever's Power BI integration and Professional Service hours. Contact your customer success representative to purchase these add-ons. 


Once you have purchased the Power BI integration and a block of Professional Service hours, follow these steps to get your custom dashboard: 

STEP 1 - Set up your form in Weever 

This is a very important step in creating your report. In order to build your report, you need to make sure that all the relevant data is being collected in your Weever form(s). Please ensure you have reviewed the following: 

  1. User Data
    • If you would like your report to include user information, consider whether you want to include the logged in user who submitted the form, or another User Lookup or Reported By field in the form. If you choose a User Lookup or Reported by Field, make sure that field is required in your form. You can't use free text fields for user's names.
  2. User Submission Trackers
    • If your report is showing who of your users have completed a certain form, Weever will need a full list of your users. You can submit your user list information by filling out the Weever Users & Exemptions file. You can also add exemptions to this file as well.  
  3. Dates
    • If you would like your report to include dates, consider whether you want the report to include the date the submission was made, or collect another date from a Date/Time field in your form. If you choose the Date/Time field, make sure that field is required. 
  4. Report Slicer/Filters
    • If you want to filter your reports by any property (ie. Shift, Line, Manager, etc.) make sure you are collecting this information in your form (and that this field is required) or that this information is included in the Weever Users & Exemptions file. NOTE! It is critical that the first name, last name, and emails included in this file match this data in User Management. If there is a discrepancy between the Weever Users & Exemptions file and User Management in Weever, then that user will not show in the report. 
  5. Other data points 
    • Make sure that any data points you want included in your report are collected in your form(s) in Weever. Also please make sure that these fields are not free text fields (ie. Single Line Text field, Paragraph field, etc.) so you can have clean data (free of spelling mistakes). Make sure that these fields are also required. 

STEP 2 - Submit your forms in Weever

It is critical that you test your form on the line to make sure the form will work and there is no confusion with your staff level users before you build any reports with your form. This is because changing a field in your form could break your Power BI reports. Before Weever can build you a custom report, you must have at least 20 submissions of your forms in Weever.

And that's it! 

Now you can contact your Weever Customer Success representative to get started on your custom report.