How do I use the shift data source?

Manage your shifts in one space and all your forms will immediately update

The Shift Management section of the app is where you manage this data source.  Any changes you make in the Shift Management page will be immediately reflected in all shift fields in your forms.

What is a data source? 

Data sources are centrally managed lists that can be selected by staff within forms. Data sources help to standardize the data that is captured and make form building more efficient


Use the shift data sources in 2 steps:


Add your shifts to your app by tapping the green button.  

Screen Shot 2020-01-21 at 11.55.50 AM


Add they Shift field to your forms in Form Builder. 

Shift Field

That's it! 

Now any time an administrator creates, edits, or deletes a shift in the "Shift Management" page in the app, the changes will be immediately reflected in all shift fields in all your forms. 

shift field in form


Switch your shifts to draft to temporarily hide them from the dropdown.