How can I allow staff users to edit tickets?

Allow your staff users to edit submission data, ticket statuses, due dates, assignees, and add comments from In Progress so they can participate in your In Progress workflows

Granting your staff users permission to update submission data or ticket data (status, due date, assignee, and comments) from In Progress allows them to take more initiative when maintaining your data's integrity. It also involves staff users in your In Progress workflows because they can add data to forms, and assign the tickets to other users. 



Masako Mullin is a staff user, but he can update the submission data, as well as the ticket data : 

Staff User Editing

Staff users can edit the submissions by tapping Show Details, then the  Edit Button  button on the top right of the form data


Enabling this feature is easy. To allow staff users to edit a form, just follow these steps: 


Go to Form Builder and tap Edit beside the form you would like to allow Staff users to edit. Then tap Form Settings. 


Enable the Save-As-Open-Ticket feature for your form if it's not already enabled. Then tap "Users with "Users with 'Staff' user types can edit submissions" to enable to feature. 

Staff users edit


Now staff users will be able to edit that form's submission data and ticket data.