How do I add unique IDs to form submissions?

Easily find a submission, or link submissions together using the Unique ID field

A unique ID is an identifier that makes a particular record (or a form submission, in this case) unique from every other record. This makes sorting and filtering through submissions easier, and it also allows you to link related submissions with one another, or with other systems. 

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Adding unique IDs to your form submissions is easy in Weever - simply add a Unique ID form field to your form. Here's how to do it:


Go to Menu → Form Builder and tap "Edit" on a form you wish to add a unique ID to (or create a new form).


Scroll through the form fields on the left and tap  Screenshot 2022-07-22 at 10.10.53


Enter a prefix, e.g. "TAG", and a starting value, e.g. "1". This means that the first form submission would have a unique ID "TAG-1", the second submission would have a unique ID "TAG-2" and so on.

If you select "Show the newly generated unique ID in a popup (interrupt the user)", your users will see a popup after they submit this form. This popup will have a button that will copy the unique ID to their clipboard, making pasting it into the next step of the process simple. You can add specific directions to your users on what this next step is in the "Popup message or inspections (optional) field as well. 

Prefixes and starting numbers are optional. If you don't add them, the unique ID for the first submission will simply be "1", for the second "2" and so on. 


  • If you select "Overwrite starting value", the Unique ID's numbering sequence will be reset to start at 1. Only new form submissions will be affected.

And that's it! 

You can now see a Unique ID column in your Form Reports. This column is also in In Progress making it easier to find your tickets as well. 


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Please note that the Unique ID field isn't visible in a form itself - it automatically generates a unique ID and can't be edited by a user submitting a form.