How do I complete an inspection?

Learn about how to complete inspections as well as the different status options available

Weever Inspections makes completing inspection simple for your staff. Follow these simple steps to complete your inspections: 

Step 1 - Finding your inspection form

Find the inspection you want to complete in Scheduled Inspections. You can use one of the many filter options to make this simple.

Check the Status column of the inspections list to see what inspections are

Inspections due in the future will have  or  statuses. Operators can complete inspections that are due in the future as well. 


Tap the form title to open the inspection form. 

Opening an inspection form


Step 2 - Completing your inspection form and statuses

If you complete all of the Pass/Fail fields and submit your work, the inspection will be considered complete and you will no longer be able to make changes to the form. Instead the form will be read only. 

Status Description 
  • An inspection is given the "Passed" status when all the Pass/Fail fields in the form are complete and the selections are any combination of Pass and/or N/A. 
  • An inspection is given the "Failed" status when all the Pass/Fail fields in the form are complete and one or more Pass/Fail fields were marked as Fail. 
  • An inspection is given the "N/A" status when all the Pass/Fail fields are complete and are marked as N/A
  • An inspection is given the "In Progress" status when the form has more than one Pass/Fail field and at least one, but not all of those have been completed (regardless of if Pass, Fail, or N/A were selected).
  • This status is not given, however, if you have only updated standard form fields. If you complete one or more standard form fields in your inspection and submit your form, your work will be saved so you can come back to that inspection later to finish it (as long as all Pass/Fail fields have not been completed). The status, however, will remain as Due Today unless you update one or more Pass/Fail fields as well. 
  • An inspection is given the "Overdue" status when the form is incomplete and the end time of the associated shift has passed on the day where that inspection was due.
  • If there is no end time for the associated shift, or no shift associated at all, the inspection will be overdue as of midnight of that due date. 

Step 3 - Failed inspections 

If your inspection has resulted in a "Failed" status then a ticket will be created in In Progress. This indicates to your users that a follow up is required. You can see your failed inspections by navigating to In Progress and updating the category dropdown to be Inspections.

From here, tickets can be assigned to the maintenance staff to do the necessary fixes. 

Tickets can be updated by supervisors or administrators users in Weever

Screen Shot 2022-01-14 at 2.47.22 PM

And that's it! 

Now you've completed an inspection in Weever Inspections 🎉