What options do I have for distribution lists?

There are many ways you can send your submissions to users. Here is an overview of your options.

Option 1

Send users the submission every time the form is submitted. Screen Shot 2020-01-17 at 10.54.10 AM


Any emails you enter into the "Email recipients" field in Form Settings will receive a PDF copy of the submission in their inbox every time the form is submitted. You can add multiple recipients as well, just separate them with a comma. 









Option 2 

Use the Conditional Email Form Builder field to send a copy of the submission based on the selection in a drop down. 


In Form Builder, assign users to each option in the Conditional Email field. 

Screen Shot 2020-01-17 at 11.11.35 AM

To the users submitting the form, this field just looks like a drop down. But when they submit the form, the users entered into that option in Form Builder will receive a PDF copy of the submission. 

Conditional Email-1

Option 3

Use the Send Email Copy field in Form Builder to send PDF copies of the submission on the fly. 


send emy copy to


Add the Send Email Copy field to your form, then users can send a PDF copy of their submission to any user in the app by entering their email in the form as they are filling it out. They can add as many as 11 recipients to this field.

The logged in user can also receive a copy by checking the "Email a copy to myself" checkbox.