What workflows can I choose from in Weever Forms?

Learn about our standard form submission option and the Save-As-Open workflow option.

There are three submission options available in Form Manager, they are: 

Standard Form Submission Option

Save-As-Open-Ticket Workflow

Refresh On Submission

Standard Form Submission Option 

The default option for your forms in Form Builder is our standard submission option which does not have a workflow. Forms that are submitted are sent to Form Reports with no option to edit or approve the submission. 

Standard form submission are not displayed in the In Progress page in the app. 


Save-As-Open-Ticket Workflow Option

The Save-As-Open-Ticket Workflow Option creates a ticket in the In Progress page of the app for each submission. Supervisors and administrators can edit the submissions, assign the tickets, update the status of the tickets, and add comments on the tickets as well. 


With this workflow, you can also ensure that comments are collected when a ticket is closed or rejected with the new Comment on Close feature


To enable this feature, just check the "Create open ticket on form submission" option in Form Settings for your form.  To learn more about the In Progress page, see this article

Create open ticket on form submission

Refresh On Submission

The Refresh On Submission option presents the users with a fresh and empty form immediately after the form is submitted. 

Refresh On Submission


To enable this just check the "Refresh On Submission" checkbox in Form Settings.