How can I automatically generate a status based on a number field?

Use the Range Score field to pre-set statuses based on number ranges

Range Score - iPad

The Range Score Field allows you to set the "qualitative" status of the form based on the "quantitative" score of the audit. For example, if an audit score is below a given threshold, you can create a range score that reflects that (i.e. High Risk).

The Range Score field can be configured to assign statuses to different ranges in number fields. This makes it easy to show staff users what the status of a number field is so they don't have to remember the statuses of each range themselves. This is also a valuable field for reporting so you can filter your reports by each unique range score status. 

For example, in the Shift Risk Assessment form shown here, the Shift Risk Status is the Range Score field. This field makes it clear to the staff what the risk is (ie. High Risk) so they can take the necessary next steps. 

To configure your Range Score field, follow these simple steps: 


Step 1

Add the Range Score field to your form and update the label. 

Step 2 

In the dropdown, choose the field you want to determine the range score. You can use Number fields, Scorecard fields, or Calculation Result fields to populate the Range Score field. Next add each number range and what you want the field to record for each one. 

Configuring Range Score

And that's it! 

Now your users will see the appropriate status as they fill out the form.