How do I build inspections?

How to build your inspection forms and schedule them in Inspections Manager

To build your inspections in Inspections Manager, follow these simple steps: 

STEP 1:  Set up your assets 

Set up the app with all your assets before you begin building your inspections. This includes shifts, line & work areas, machines, and inspections types. Having these set up before will make building your inspections quick and simple. 

STEP 2:  Build your form in Form Builder

Build the form you need with Form Builder.  Inspection forms need to have at least one Pass / Fail field in the form, but you are free to add as many as you would like. 

Screen Shot 2020-02-05 at 3.01.25 PM

Be sure to assign your form to the Inspections form category because only forms in that category can be converted into an inspection.

STEP 3:  Build your inspection in Inspection Builder

Once you are happy with your form and have saved your work, navigate to Inspection Builder. In Inspection Builder tap New Inspection and you can start adding the specifics of your inspection: 



Active inspections are available in Scheduled Maintenance for your operators to complete. Disabled inspections will not be available for operators to complete, though historic submissions of that inspection will remain in Scheduled Maintenance. 

▪️Assign inspections to individual machines 

Choose what machine you want this inspection completed on. This list pulls from the machines entered in Machine Management. 

▪️Inspection Type

Choose what type of inspection this is (ie. Preventative Maintenance). This will show in Scheduled Maintenance for filtering purposes.  This dropdown is controlled by the Inspection Types datasource. 

▪️Form Title

Choose the form you want your operators to fill out. This dropdown contains all forms in the Inspections form category


Automatically assign this inspection to a person. Any time it's rescheduled, it will automatically be assigned to that user. This field is optional. 

▪️Target time for completion in minutes 

Add the time you expect an inspection should take. This field if optional. 

▪️Due Date

Set this to the first day you want the inspection to be completed. When that inspection is complete all following inspections will be scheduled based on the frequency. 

▪️Scheduling After Failed Inspections

Determine when to schedule the inspection following a failed inspection. The options are: 

1. Schedule the next inspection after the failed inspection is closed in In Progress
    • If this option in selected, the next inspection will be rescheduled after the ticket is closed in In Progress. 
2. Schedule the next inspection immediately when the failed inspection is complete
    • If this option is selected, the next inspection will be rescheduled immediately. 


Determine the frequency at which you want the inspection to be scheduled. When an inspection is completed the following inspection will be scheduled based on your selection in this field.

I.e. if Weekly was selected for an inspection and then that inspection was completed, the next inspection will be scheduled in 7 days. 


Optionally choose a shift to tag on the inspection. This will show in Scheduled Maintenance for filtering purposes.


And that's it! 

Now your inspection is available in Scheduled Maintenance for your operators to complete. 


Want to learn more? 

Watch this overview of building inspections: